Expect shipping delays due to COVID-19

These are Tough Times

Having a survival kit and gear can make life a lot easier during an emergency situation. While no kit can ever replace good old fashion knowledge and training, having supplies and a plan is an essential part of the preparedness process.

At Wimza, we understand where the world is currently today. When we first heard of the impact of COVID-19, we were saddened, but optimistic it was not too infectious. We were optimistic we would return to normal within weeks. This proved to be hopeful thinking.

We are in tough times. Furloughs, mass layoffs, unemployment, tenants and landlords unable to make payments, economic collapse, and true uncertainty is not what any of us signed up for. What happens moving forward will define our character, not our situation.

Shop with us, and please have patience. We are no longer selling our N95 masks in order to let our supplier equipt those on the frontlines. Also, shipping may be longer than usual due to travel being halted.

You can email our support team at hello@excellentstandard.com for any issues or questions you may have. As a company around for 11 years, we are working effortlessly to provide you with the essentials you and your loved ones need.